Sarinande, putri Sarinande

Mengapa tangis matamu bangka?

Aduh mama, aduhlah papa

Bak asap api maso di mata

Aduh mama, aduhlah papa

Hati risau apalah obatnya.

Tanpa Jeda

Lama tak kurasakan rindu yang sungguh pekat

Bagaikan terhempas jauh dalam kenangan

Kini t’lah kupahami

Kau korbankan s’gala

Ajarkanku tanpa jeda

Tanpa jeda kau kasihiku

Dan tiada lelah kau cintaiku

Tak pernah kau tinggalkan diriku

S’panjang hayatmu besarkanku.

Daemon Irrepit Callidus

Daemon irrepit callidus,

Allicit cor honoribus,

Ponit fraudes inter laudes, cantus, saltus.

Quidquid amabile Daemon dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.

Caro venatur sensibus;

Sensus adhaeret dapibus;

Inescatur, impinguatur, dilatatur.

Quidquid amabile Caro dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.

Adde mundorum milia,

Mille millena gaudia;

Cordis aestum non explebunt, non arcebunt.

Quidquid amabile Totum dat,

Cor Jesu minus aestimat.

Prayer of St. Francis

On December 2nd, 2018, Feixiang Choir held a charity concert, titled “A Thankful Gift”. It was our plan since forever to have a concert to help others, and this year, we finally made it.

The theme of this concert, A Thankful Gift, was initiated from the Prayer of St. Francis, also known as Peace Prayer, in which said, “For it is in giving that we receive, and it is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” We believe that each time we give, we receive even more. We also believe that our whole lives we have received so much, and we are thankful for everything happened in our lives.

The text itself was not written by Saint Francis of Assisi (c. 1182-1226), as this prayer in its present form has not been traced back further than 1912. Its first known occurrence was in French, written in a magazine published by a Catholic church organisation without mentioning the author’s name. We found this beautiful piece written by Allen Pote based on the said text, and then decided to have this song performed on the concert. This video was recorded by Feixiang Choir on the concert.

Cherly Susanti, conductor
Prajna Indrawati, piano
Dheonardo, tenor solo
Wisnu Murti Sri Budiarto, sign language interpreter

Prayer of Saint Francis (as written in Allen Pote’s setting)

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, Thy pardon, Lord.
Where there is doubt, let there be faith.

O, Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace.
Where there is despair, let me bring hope.
Where there is darkness, let there be light.
Where there is sadness, let there be joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console,
to be understood as to understand,
to be loved as to love,
for it is in giving that we receive,
and it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

A Thankful Gift

A Thankful Gift


Feixiang Choir presents:

A Thankful Gifta charity concert

Cherly Susanti, conductor

Nesca Alma, pianist

Prajna Indrawati, pianist

Sunday, 2 December 2018 7PM

Goethe Haus

Jl. Sam Ratulangi No.9-15 Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Ticket price:

VIP: Rp 200.000

Reg: Rp 100.000

All of the tickets sold will be donated to YAYASAN TRI ASIH (a foundation for Down Syndrome)

For reservation, please kindly contact Laksmi - +62 878 8644 7077

Daemon Irrepit Callidus

I wrote this piece in 2015 during the Ramadhan month. I remember that I was riding my motorbike while suddenly the idea popped out on my mind. Started with the rhythmic effect created by the basses, and then adding tenors in syncopation, afterwards the sopranos and altos creates a legato melody line in minor scale. This piece is written for SATB divisi without accompaniment. This recording was done live by Feixiang Choir in 2017 for The 10th Orientale Concentus Singapore.

O Ina Ni Keke

O Ina Ni Keke is a North Sulawesi traditional song written by R. C. Hardjosubroto. This song’s literal meaning was about a mother (“Ina” means mother) who went to Manado city to buy some cakes, but her daughter (“Keke” means daughter) asked for the cakes when it has already finished. Many interprets this song as an unconditional love from a mother to her daughter, but the daughter was too late to realise it.

I wrote this setting for SSAA unaccompanied. I imagined myself in an empty beach, having a nostalgic feeling of what had happened in my childhood. This arrangement should be performed with much expression, but it should sounds light and warm with less vibrato at the same time.

I hope you enjoy.